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29-08-2017 9:00 am - 31-08-2017 5:00 pm


As home to more than half the world’s population, cities are some of the places most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Yet in many ways, they’re still not equipped to deal with the challenges climate change presents. Safe guarding citizens from climatic change is no longer only about flood barriers and emergency infrastructure, it’s an opportunity to provide livable and green cities. Adaptation and resilience planning will not achieve their intended impacts if they are considered unimportant issues. Rather, these measures must become a part of the regular narrative in cities, incorporating locally adapted projects into every aspect of urban development, from land use planning to transport and housing decisions. Careful climateminded planning can make a city more resilient. Resilience is necessary not only for adapting to climate change, but for maintaining cities’ social, infrastructure, and economic integrity. It is highly germane to start climate proofing infrastructure and services. Given the climate sensitive nature of the existing infrastructure systems in the cities, for example water management, transport, and energy. These require a significant amount of lead time to implement because of the longer period of design life and hence call for immediate action. The Paris climate summit in December 2015 has decided to limit global warming by 2 Degrees Centigrade. India accepted the challenge and further agreed to lower carbon emissions by 35%. Also, offered an innovative concept of “Smart Cities” and several cities are identified to transform their cities to promote quality of life. This is a unique and golden opportunity for city managers and corporations to gear up and strengthen India’s commitment at the Paris Agreement. The perception of smart cities needs to go beyond free Wi-Fi zones and Internet of Things. Sustainability, ecofriendly and Climate Change abatement needs to be integrated in to all aspects of planning and decision making.

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