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Septage is the settled solid matter in semi-solid condition usually a mixture of solids and water settled at the bottom of septic tank. It has an offensive odour, appearance and is high in organics and pathogenic microorganisms. The National Family Health Survey-3 (NFHS, 2005-06) reported that that 17% urban household in India did not have access to any toilets at home, 24% of households were sharing toilets (technologies not specified), about 19% had their toilets connected to sewers, the majority had on- site installations – about 27.6% households had septic tanks and 6.1% had pit latrines that were classified as “improved” and another 5% toilets were as “Flush/pour flush not to sewer/septic. The National Urban Sanitation Policy underlines the necessity for safe confinement and treatment of human excreta. The municipalities/ local government bodies are usually empowered for ensuring the safe handling and disposal of septage generated from on-site sanitary installations. In conformity with CPHEEO guidelines, these also establish local laws or regulations to govern septage handling and to meet all regulatory requirements and standards. While local bodies or utilities may be responsible for regulation over such practices, lack of systems, resources, capacities and incentives often result in neglect and continuance of uncontrolled dumping of septic tank wastes. Septic tank effluent and septage, with appreciable levels of organics, nitrogen and pathogens, disposed without proper treatment are a cause of concern on account of the organic carbon (as measured as BOD5), nitrogen, phosphorus and pathogens in the effluent. The National Rating of 423 Class I Indian Cities (covering 72% of Indian urban population) on Sanitation (MOUD, Govt. of India, May 2010) found that 65% per cent (274) of these cities had unsatisfactory arrangements for safe collection of human excreta (whether on-site or sewerage). The government of India Initiatives under Urban Flagship missions like “AMRUT, Swachh Bharat and Rural Sanitation Policy” have emphasized all cities/ towns/ Rural areas should have proper Septage management and disposal practices.

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