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The following Journals   arrived during the week ( from 29/05/2017 – 02/06/2017):-

 SI.No.  Name of the Journal  Contents




South Asian Journal of Management

(January – March 2017)

  • Organizational Readiness for E- Governance
  • Impact Factors of ICT on the Learning Process of Students
  • Informational Efficiency of National Stock Exchange, India
  • Development of a Bi-directional and Multi-dimensional measures of Work –life balance
  • Extent of Credit rationing and its Determinants
  • Bank –led Financial Inclusion and Human Development :Evidence from India
  • A study on consumer ethnocentrism and Social Comparison in Rural India

Geospatial World

(May 2017)

  • Our Radiant Earth
  • Collaboration is the new innovation
  • Creating Change Through Collaboration Finding
  • Finding the right fit
  • Signs of Transformation


(May 2017)

  • Grid Modernization & Strengthening
  • Renewable Energy
  • Nuclear Boost
  • Interview with Jindal Steel and power Ltd., Ravi Uppal
  • ASEAN Power Grid
  • Building a Greener Portfolio
  • Profile of Voith Hydro’s

Asian journal of Water, Environment and Pollution

(April 2017)

  • Methodology for Groundwater Extraction in the Coastal Aquifers of Purba Midnapur of West Bengal in India under the Constraint of Saline water instruction
  • The Governance of the seven crater lakes, san Pablo city, the Philippines
  • PM10 bound elements, Ions, Carbon and PAHS during festive biomass burning over the Brahmaputra Valley
  • Time Series patterns and relationship of energy consumption and CO2 emission in Malaysia
  • Willingness to pay for improved Water services
  • Nutrient Chemistry of river Yamuna, India
  • Adsorption of Nitrite Ions from wastewater using Bi0- sorbents derived from Azadirachta indica plant
  • Economic practices in plastic industry from Raw meterials to waste in Pakistan
5 Indian Infrastructure
  • Power – Renewables  break records, discoms gain from UDAY
  • New Game Plan – NITI Ayog sets development agenda for the next three years
  • Leapfroging from B-IV to BS-VI emission norms
  • JICA commits financing for Mumbai trans harbor link
  • Growing interest among investors for operational assets

From  18/5/2017 TO 23/05/2017

 SI.No. Name of the Journal Contents
1 Power – April 2017
  • Focus on Operations and Maintenance
  • Power Generators utilizing latest Digital Technology
  • Reducing Cycling damage to combines Steam Turbines
  • Facilitating Predictive Maintenance of Electrical Assets with Pervasive Sensing Strategies
  • New Approaches for Transformer Operation and Maintenance
  • Enhanced Boiler Defense Strategies for an Aging Coal Fleet
  • Special Report : Cybersecurity
2 Civil Engineering & Construction Review – May 2017
  • Planning of Urban Infrastructure
  •  Infrastructure Development for sustainable and smart cities mission in India
  • Urban Infrastructure in India and Ongoing Development
  • Infrastructure for Smart Cities
  • The Most Prominent Cloverleaf Interchanges in India
  • The rigid resurfacing of the Bhuj Airport
3 Sunfocus – Jan-March, 2017
  • An Optimistic Growth of CSTs in India
  • Highlight of CST field projects supported under UNDP CSHP
  • Online performance monitoring of CST installations by AITCO
  • Information awareness proliferates solar thermal market
4 ISB Insight , January-March 2017
  • The Digital Transformation of R&D
  • Complementary Roles of PCs and Smartphone’s in Enabling Digital India
  • Engaging in Real Time
  • Self _Organising Smart Cities
  • Cold Chain intervention for fruit –and – vegetables distribution in India
  • Organisational Knowledge Networks and Local Search
  • Fintech and the Changing Face of Wealth Management
  • Failure is a Necessary part of Innovation
5 MIT Technology Review- May / June 2017
  • Mysterious Machines
  • A3-D printer that could finally change Manufacturing
  • Time to consider Geoengineering – Climate Change
  • The Inelegant Beginnings Of Dazzling New Wireless Technology
  • James Alison has Unfinished Business with Cancer


6 Indian Journal of Finance, May 2017
  • Impact of IFRS on the Financial Statements of Select IT Companies in India
  • An Analysis of Black Income in India
  • Demonetization to E- Monetisation in India
  • Relative performance analysis of Scheduled commercial banks in India
7 Benchmark (NAFEMS)- April 2017
  • Assessing manufacturing Modelling
  • Process Model for Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Big Questions for the Simulation Community
  • Smarter Testing through Simulation

ENR(Engineering News-Record

March 6th, 13th, 20/27) -3 issues

April -3 issues

  • ENR Top Projects of 2016 etc.,
9 Terragreen, May 2017
  • Solar Cells of the Future
  • Facilitating Ecotourism in Himachal Pradesh
  • Energy and Water from Himalayan Rivers
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Communities and Conservation

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From10/5/2017 to 17/05/2017:-

Sl.No. Name of the Journal Contents
1. Leaders Speak

The Arthematics of Cashless India

 Moving Towards Digital Economy,  

Empowering   Masses with Digital Technology

Safe Childhood for Safer India

2 Mechanical Engineering (ASME)

3-D Printing Hack Downs Drone

 A New Solar Cell on the Block              

Strings Attached- U S startups funding overseas investors         The state of American   Manufacturing 2017

 Organ Banking- Know-how  boundaries of cyro preservation of   human tissues

 How many Turbine Stages?

3. New Bldg Materials & Construction World

Chenani-Nashri Tunnel- An Engineering Marvel

Highrise Tower-Torre Reforma,Mexico                                         Technological Advancements in Construction Industry  

4 Institute of Directors                                           Fraud, Directors and the Board
5.  Indian  Management                    

Is CSR Effective?, The New Reality- Is anti globalization here to stay?

  Virtually Real-  IoT,

HR-Connecting the Dots-Employee engagement

How to build a house without Hammer? - Managers lead collaborations without the benefit of formal authority                                                                                 

6 Business World                                                 IT Outsourcing: Doomsday or BoomsDay?
    7. Electrical India      

Clean Energy-Energy Efficient-LED Driver Concept

 Underground Cables Affordable solutions

 Cable Power Carrier

Online partial Discharge Measurements on Power  Cables        

Wireless Power transmission Safely charges devices anywhere within a Room

   8 Water & Energy International

Compatible Renewables and Hydro Power for Sustainable Development

 Conceptual  clarification in Electrical Power Engineering

Geophysical Investigations using Ground Penetrating Radar for Hydro electric Projects

 Experimental Model Study on Ultimate uplift Capacity of Vertical Pile in Sand