ESCI Information Centre

ESCI Information Centre has a valuable collection of over 8500 books and reports. It has subscription to over 100 periodicals including international journals. Information Centre’s operations are fully computerized.

Online databases JGATE & EBSCO database service is available for reference.

ESCI Information Centre is open from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM on all working days.


The Following Journal are received at ESCI Information Centre during 20 -26, October, 2017

  1. Down to Earth
16-31st October, 2017
  • ·The End of Coal (Cover Story)
  • Sardar Sarovar’s toughest challenge of deliver water to the fields and homes of Gujarat
  • Emotional Construct – Emotions are not Universal but based on culture and environment
  1. Down to Earth
     1-15th  October, 2017
  • ·Burn it all - NITI Aayog’s solution to India’s Solid Waste Management Woes
  1. Business World
      14th October, 2017
  • ·Patanjali chases Rs. 1 Trillion Dream
  • ·Good Leaders Don’t Abuse -´A leader without a clear vision and plans only abuses his/ her power . And where power is abused there is manipulation instead of inspiration”
  1. Geography and You
     July-August, 2017
  • ·Coal Powered India – The Multiplier Effect of Energy Access , The Energy Mix Conundrum –Coal in Energy Planning of India – ( Energy Special)
  • ·Natural Gas Hydrate – A Future Source of Energy
  • ·Biofuels for Emission Reduction
  1. MIT Technology Review
      Sept-Oct, 2017
  • ·Meet Tech’s Rising Stars – meet the innovators under 35
  1. Mechanical Engineering
      October 2017
  • ·How Practical is 3-D Metal Printing
  • ·Artificial Intelligence  and the future of Machine Design
  • ·Titanium 3-D Printing with class
  • ·Even Small Factories can get smarter
  1. NICMAR- Journal of Construction Management
      July – Sept, 207
  • ·Measuring Work Life Balance – Job Satisfaction for Construction Engineers
  • ·Ergonic Ana;ysis of Building Construction Workers Using RULA and REBA
  • ·Strategic Planning for Redevelopment of Residential Projects in Mumbai City
  • ·Imperative of Project Management Process  in Construction Project
  • ·Implementation of BIM Execution Plan: An Experimental Study in Global Team
  1. Power
       October 2017
  • ·Special Report : Fundamentals Hiostory of Power: The Evolution of the Electic Generation Industry
  • ·Gas and Electric: How disparate Industries are Working Together
  • ·Why Recurrent Problems Persist: Getting to the Root Cause
  • ·Microturbine  Market Ready to Expand
  1. Economist
      21-27 October, 2017
  • ·Globalisation’s losers –How to help places hurt by Globalisation?
  • ·Open Secret- Sexual Harassment at work
  • ·Innovative Justice – Oxy Courting