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Date of Receipt                    Title of the Journal                                       Contents

Journal of Construction and Building Materials

V:4 Issue-01,Jan-April, 2018

  • A Review on Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Impact of Aggregate size on the Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams without stirrups
  • Investigation on swelling Behaviour of Expansive soil with different admixtures
  • Partial Replacement of Cement in Mortor by using Agro-Industrial Waste

Journal of Civil and Construction

V:4 Issue-01, Jan-April, 2018

  • A Critical Analysis on Environment-Friendly Construction Materials
  • Doubling of Tracks in Plate Girder Bridges without Demolition
  • Geometric impact on the Behavior of Composite Precast Prestressed Concrete Hollow Core Slab
  • Remedial measures on Disposal of Waste Plastic in an Eco-friendly way – Application in Construction of Flexible Pavement( Case Study –Vita City)
  • The Structural Behavior of RC slab Retrofitted using Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Polymers (PPFRP), With and without   Mechanical Anchorage.