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Contents of the following journals received and  are on display  at ESCI Information Centre:-


As on 19th Mar’ 2018

Name of the Journal Contents

NICMAR – Journal of Construction Management


January - March 2018

  • Appraisal of construction cost overruns in the public and private sectors in Nigeria
  • A case study on implementing NAVFAC P-405 at Indian construction sites for estimating time cost overruns
  • Carbon Footprint and clean development Mechanism (CDM) framework for Bus Rapid Transit System Project in Western India.
  • Stabilized laterite soil bricks
  • Auditing of road signs and markings in the majestic area of Bangalore city



February 2018

  • FOCUS:
  • Becoming Visionaries
  • The art of aging
  • Science of spirituality – Ashtanga yoga     ,joy love
  • Inner search –awareness of the heart
  • Motherhood – on time and healing



January 2018

  • Change your attitude – Poise is the ultimate cool
  • How to transform organization
  • Ashtanga yoga - yama
  • Lessons from the garden - compost
  • Evolving traditions

Name of the Journal Contents



Water and Energy International


February 2018

Special Focus: prevention of accidents on

distribution & power transformers


Energy section

  • Low oil level in distribution transformers
  • Causes of failure and accidents in case of distribution transformers and case study on tank building / bursting
  • Transformer explosion prevention and fire protection – a peep into over 3 decades of field experience
  • Manufacturer’s perspective on transformers safety
  • Fire safety in transformers –an oil manufacturer’s perspective
  • Dos & don’ts for EHV transformers and EHV substations
  • PV micro inverter reliability prediction based on RIAC

Water Resources Section

  • Performance analysis of trench weirs
  • Groundwater Potential Zonation and Prioritization Of Wular Catchment Of Kashmir using GIS Based Multi –Criteria Evaluation Approach
  • Water demand management is solution of water stress?: A Case Study Of The Kebir-West River Basin In Northern Algeria

Pumps India

December 2017

  • Upgradation of power station cooling water pump
  • The problem with pump standards
  • Submersible motor design : for safe water & wastewater applications operation
  • Understanding PD pumps better
  • Vogelsang quality, reliability, repeatability, ruggedness and an over long life.
  • The differences between submersible & immersible motors

Indian journal of Finance


March 2018

  • The Impact of intellectual capital efficiency on financial performance in the Indian auto – component industry
  • A comparative assessment of indicators for public sector general insurance companies: an Indian perspective
  • Role of behavioral biases in investment decisions: a factor analysis
  • Temporal and institutional essence of non- performing assets in banks: an Indian scenario



March 2018

  • Elements of a market – based energy access intervention
  • Coastal water absorbs more Co2
  • Microbes may help astronauts transform human waste in to food
  • Water scarcity in India from growth hawk to an enviro – dove
  • Saving vultures in India
  • Resident welfare associations- as a third component for sustainable urban development
  • Is testing on animals necessary?- dogs and humans have nothing in common
  • Ganges river Dolphin
  • Predators under threat
  • Advocating sustainable agriculture practices
  • Sacrifice at the altar of development
  • Horticulture-for a green and beautiful environment
  • Is organic the way forward?

New Building Materials & Construction World (NBM&CW)

March 2018

  • Road equipment manufacturers strengthen service & support system
  • Component manufacturing: winning with OEMs
  • Emerging methodologies & technologies for construction of flexible pavement
  • Bauma Conexpo India- launching new initiatives to deliver value to attendees
  • Influence of surface scaling on the performance of cement concrete roads
  • Why do many roads constructed in India fail prematurely?
  • Non destructive testing for determining the strength of concrete
  • Insitu investigation of cinder mound for building construction – a case study

Down to earth


1-15 March, 2018

  • Derailed at the first stop
  • Who robbed Narmada?
  • Towards Zero waste
  • Opposing act
  • Seedless future
  • After china, who?
  • Not adapting to change
  • Handholding without long term vision
  • Right on diagnosis, low on treatment
  • Despondent in captivity

Indian Management

March 2018

  • Smarter than real? –
  • Perils and perks,
  • towards an intelligent future,
  • jobs at stake?,
  • Can AI negotiate better deals? ,
  • Purposeful AI
  • A   real edge
  • case study- Not a smooth trip
  • Education – including the excluded
  • Employee engagement- employee, the building block
  • Have a goals- visor?
  • Branding – what’s in a sign?
  • Leadership – Identifying the true North