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The Following Journal are received at ESCI Information Centre during November and December, 2017

04th Dec’ 2017

Name of the Journal Contents

South Asian Journal of Management

July- September 2017

  • An examination of the relationship between perceived injustice, workplace  neutralization and corrupt tendencies: A study on employees in Nigeria
  • A study on the formation of organizational legitimacy perception of newcomer employees: Broading the Organizational justice –trust relationship
  • Microfinance and women’s empowerment: An Exploratory demographic study in Karnataka, India
  • An assessment of the influence of the Psychological consequences of task significance on employee engagement and turnover intentions
  • Socialization of children and adolescents: a practical study in the Indian context
  • Impact of work-family conflict on professional and personal outcomes and the need for work –family enrichment: An investigation of non-managerial hotel personal in India
  • Impact of spiritual quotient on attitude towards duty and job satisfaction: a study on employees in the banking sector in India
  • Implementing an ERP system in a multi-business company in India: the case of MBPEL


December 2017

  • Ease of getting electricity - World Bank ranks India among the top 30 countries
  • Electric Vehicle  impact – regulatory and techno- economic considerations
  • Boiler Blast
  • Automatic generation control
  • Efficiency priority
  • Recovering energy, reducing costs
  • Industry case studies
  • Revisiting the rules
  • Driving up demand
  • Technology evolution
  • HVDC gaining ground
  • Changing power dynamics
  • Transmission superhighway
  • Performance assessment

Metering, Billing and Collection -Infocus

  • Advanced metering
  • Smart metering solutions
  • Tamper control-To arrest Power Theft
  • Net metering uptake- Rooftop Solar Installations

Coal based Power Generation

  • Coal availability – Recent Policy Initiatives
  • Need for flexibilisation- A Paradigm shift in Thermal Power Plant Operations
  • Fly ash utilization

Open Sources for you

December 2017

  • Cloud Computing
  • Reduce security risks with SE Linux
  • Using ansible to deploy a piwigo photo gallery
  • Hive: the AQL – like data warehouse tool for big data
  • A brief introduction to puppet
  • Apache cloudstack: a reliable and scalable cloud computing platform
  • Using jq to consume json in the shell
  • Developing real –time notification and monitoring apps in IBM Bluemix




27th Nov’ 2017

Name of the Journal Contents

Electrical India

(November 2017)

  • Smart meters market worth 19.98 bilion USD by 2022
  • Power sector- a glass half full
  • Prospects of lighting industry in India
  • Dynamic navigation towards nurturing growth ensuring sustenance
  • Sustainable improvement
  • Concentrated efforts can certainly make India a major hub for renewable energy
  • Hartek power bags HVPNL order for GIS substation
  • Nuclear Energy & challenge for India
  • Indian journey from grid to smart grid
  • Power electronics for energy efficiency
  • Challenges for India’s solar energy growth
  • Diagnostic testing on transformers
  • Wind power development in India
  • Technological breakthrough for insulators
  • Challenges ahead
  • DEIF brings revolutionary solutions to solar sector
  • Diagnosing health of smart meters
  • Smart switchgears for smart grid
  • Challenges for IoT- based smart grid
  • Vast potential for development
  • Solar energy potential in Bihar
  • Power scenario in Haryana
  • Power scenario in Tamil Nadu
  • Renewable power Scenario in Jammu & Kashmir

Indian Management

November 2017

  • Equal balance –balance life and work, work smarter for success
  • Force for good
  • Strategy -Redesign the value curve
  • Work Culture-Unlocking potential
  • Quality -Partnering with the phantom
  • Strategy- A fluid approach
  • Marketing -Am happy with what I have!
  • Innovation- Riding the VUCA wave
  • Innovation- In search of newness- Interview
  • Power Capacity -Forging alliances

Pumps India

July / August 2017

  • Remanufacturing as part of power generation pump maintenance
  • Rated power and service factor- the real energy consumption of vacuum pumps
  • Power generation – the case for metering pumps
  • Life –cycle cost analysis of industrial pumps
  • Screw pumps can offer fluid-handling advantages at liquid terminals
  • Peristaltic pumps- for tough application
  • Waterman – India’s first pump industry received ‘’ZED MARK’’ with ‘’SILVER RATING’’
  • Three screw pump for LDO / HSD firing
  • Improving efficiency in electric motors

C I I  Communiqué

November  2017

  • Transforming the food economy
  • Global platform for railway technology & services
  • Portfolio for excellence – green building congress
  • Engaging with the world
  • Building capacity

Infrastructure Today

Nov- Dec 2017

  • The year in infrastructure 2017
  • Where is the money?
  • ‘’Infrastructure assets provide better risk returns’’
  • We need global capital for India’s infrastructure projects
  • Accommodating the boom
  • Indian airports facing severe capacity crunch
  • Port of opportunities
  • Evolving facilities management

Down To Earth

16-30 November, 2017

  • Brahmaputra’s dredging vacillations
  • Vidarbha’s toxic trail
  • Nearly a lost cause
  • New civilization primitive wisdom



23rd Nov’ 2017

Name of the Journal Contents

The Indian Concrete Journal

(November 2017)

  • An investigation on the behavior of metakaoline based hybrid fiber reinforced concrete when subjected to acid attack
  • Influence of various exposure conditions on the structural performance of sandwich wall panels
  • Prediction of compressive strength of concreate using electrical resistivity measurement on cement and fine aggregate replacement
  • Improving strength of recycled fine aggregate concrete using Metakaolin

The Indian Concrete Journal

(October 2017)

  • Strength improvement studies of bacterial concrete
  • Influence of compressive strength of concrete on b-value of acoustic emissions released during reinforced concrete fracture
  • Strength characteristics of motor using shirasu as admixture
  • Expanded energy based damage assessment of RC bare frame using nonlinear assessment of RC bare frame using nonlinear pushover analysis

The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal

(November 2017)

  • Determination of production cap of iron ore mining in gove region based on infrastructural and Environmental carrying capacity

Indian Journal of Finance

(November 2017)

  • Financial soundness of Indian life insurance firms : An investigation based on the CARAMELS framework by Joy Chakraborty
  • The nature and determinants of capital structure in Indian service firms by Uday Kumar Jagannathan, N Suresh
  • A study on risck & Return analysis of selected industries by B Vijayalakhmi
  • Housing finance snags faced by Indian home loan mortigagors :A Matter –A matter – of –fact study by D. Srinivasa Kumar

Indian Journal of marketing

                (November 2017)

  • Interaction between demographic profile of shoppers, their behavior, and Mall factors, their evidences from  a shopping makk 0nmall in South Africa by Ajay Garge, Yakeen  M. Atwaru
  • Quantifying the relative importance of Key drivers of landing page by PK Viswanath & T N Swaminathan
  • Are celebrity endorsements worth it? Evidence from listed firms in India by Jagadeep Singh
  • Determinants of Customer Loyalty towards E- Tailers in India : An Empirical study by Akshat Aditya Rao & Rajesh Kothari

Journal of Human Values

(September 2017)

  • Is a self-help orientation sufficient basis for local Development by Eris D. Schoburgh
  • Melodramatic south Asia: in quest of local cinemas in the region by Dev N. Pathak
  • Non-Governmental development Organizations (NGDO) performance and funds – A case study by Marisa R. Ferreira etc.
  •  The Axiological memory of Max weber  by Nicolae Rambu
  • The Impact of cultural values on the development of the cultural industry :case of the kente textile industry in adanwomase of the Kwabre East District, Ghana by Michael Osei Asibey etc.
  • Conceptual framework on Workplace Deviance behavior: A Review by Kanimozhi Narayanan & Susan E.Murphy
  • Reflections on workplace compassion and job performance by Ghadeer Mohamed Badr EID in Aboul-Ela


(September 2017)

  • Abscorptive capacity, innovativeness and the performance of micro –enterprices in Malaysia by Abdullah Al Mamun &etc.
  • Basel III Narms : A SWOT and TOWS approach by Samriti Kapoor & Manideep Kour
  • Role of Organizational learning and innovation in between high- performance HR practices and Business Performance: a study of Telecommunication sector by Jeevan Jyoti & etc.
  • Factors influencing selection of shopping malls : An exploratory study of consumer perception  by Tarun Kushwaha & ect.
  • FX Volatility impact on Indian stock market : an empirical investigation by Aravind M.
  • Developing entrepreneurial intensity among women entrepreneurs of Jammu & Kashmir: Model building through confirmatory factor analysis by Saif Siddiqui and Sumaira Jan
  • Evaluating the feedback effects of brand extention on parent brand equity: a study on Indian FMCG Industry by Richa Joshi and Rajan Yadav
  • Muddling through the passage of qualitative research : Experiences of a novice researcher

Civil Engineering & Construction Review

(November  2017)

  • Nagpur metro has been the first project in India to adopt the 5D BIM Technology
  • Caterpillar’s presence for India’s Development
  • LiuGong Cherish it’s 60th Anniversary
  • Wirtgen group is a path breaker in road and mineral technologies
  • Columbia India introduces SPM 30 block machine
  • Liebherr R 956 crawler excavator development in voutr’e quality
  • New age construction equipment and services
  • Layher allround bridging systems Layher
  • PASCHAL framework system for hydropower project in Odisha
  • New technology for Road building by Volvo CE
  • No more transportation costa with MB crusher
  • JCB India compaction equipment range
  • Sika chemicals for Roads
  • Planning, progress and monitoring of rural roads under PMGSY in India
  • Road Construction in cold climatic areas
  • Bently’s integrated 3D applications for transportation and land development
  • Schwing stetter equipment for bridge construction in challenging conditions
  • Fast track bridge construction in India
  • 500m long continuous precast segmental balanced cantilever superstructure construction of Allahabad bridge
  • The Bhupen Hazarika bridge- the longest bridge in India
  • Normet polymer modified concrete for repair of RCC bridges
  • Roads & Bridges: waterproofing and asset management
  • ADO construction chemicals role in technical structures
  • Waterguard magic: waterproofing solution for concrete

Yojana –

November 2017

  • Special issue on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprices
  • Empowering India’s MSME sector
  • Promotional Avenues for MSMEs
  • Quality Certification
  • Accessing Finance : challenge to the MSME’s
  • Enhancing competitiveness through technology  purgation

Energy future

(October- December 2017)

  • Energy key for SDG’s Success
  • SDG 7 affordable and clean energy
  • Energy and environmental challenges
  • CSP technology in India
  • Use of information and market – based instruments for influencing energy demand in the residential sector
  • Biofuel economy significant to India in the coming decade
  • Renewable energy technology development

CII – Communique

(September 2017)

  • CII fueling energy growth for India
  • Economic survey : pragmatic and comprehensive
  • Building capacity
  • Portfolio for Excellence

Chemical Industry Digest

(October 2017)

  • Hydrogen –in a class by itself’
  • Jacobus Henricus Van ‘t Hoff(1852-1911) the father of Physical Chemistry
  • Overview of Project Management –A collaborative effort.
  • Towards energy efficiency in fertilizer production
  • Engineering challenges for a large effluent treatment plant (ETP)

Indian Infrastructure

(October 2017)

  • Focus Roads & Bridges
  • Limited success in open access in the power sector
  • Petronet LNG renegotiates LNG import agreement amid low prices
  • Coimbatore’s 24x7 water supply project facing delays
  • Cochin shipyard’s maiden equity issue oversubscribed 76 times


(October 2017)

  • A facilitative role
  • Growing network
  • Tower design
  • Robust foundations
  • Tower installation
  • Renewable concerns – is the sector on track to achieve 175 GW BY 2022
  • Quality solutions – smart meter development in Kota
  • Grid Transformation
  • New technology applications
  • Rental Power solutions
  • An economical option
  • Cogeneration potential

Mining Engineers journals

( November 2017)

  • Issues pertaining to MMDR act -1957 consequent upon recent amendments
  • Stabilization of soils using waste polythene at Kanpur, India

Electronics for you

November 2017

  • Growing horizons of electronic monitoring
  • Security in the loT
  • Convolutional networks for autonomous cars
  • Solar powered India
  • Image processing using matalab
  • Which chip is the fastest

IIMB Management Review

September 2017`

  • Institutional discourses and ascribed disability identities
  • Corporate financing and deleveraging of firms in India
  • The role of gender in building organizational commitment in india’s services sourching industry
  • Commonly observed shortcomings in manuscripts submitted to management journals
  • Round table: potentional and relevance of urban mining in the context of sustainable cities

Vikalpa the journal for Decision Makers

July- September 2017

  • Theorization of new practices in emerging organizational fields
  • Servitization, cooperation and sustainability: an operations perspective in aviation industry
  • Saral Rozgar : job on mobile phone for the blue – collared workers
  • India’s international integration and challenges to sustaining growth


November 2017

  • Nuclear plant construction : a trial of patience
  • Outside compensation affects competitive electricity prices: what can be done?
  • Columbia nuclear plant shatters generation records in quest for reliability, efficiency.
  • Russia continues legacy of innovation at novovoronezh nuclear power plant
  • Ringhals delivers record output despite tough economics
  • PJM: can the big dog deal with state interference?
  • No longer an afterthought, nuclear plant decommissioning industry matures
  • Improve power plant efficiency using design documents and five basic parameters
  • Mitigating and managing J-seal failure risks in turbine steam path systems
  • Asset performance management: strategies to mitigate risk
  • Best practices for choosing a predictive maintenance partner


November 2017

  • District mineral foundations
  • Large volcanic eruptions in the Tropics
  • Sustainability model – managing and implications for India
  • Sparrows: an important emotional link in nature conservation
  • So, it’s all a game? – impact of game theory in the environmental arena
  • High pesticide levels in the human body
  • Smart cities mission in Rajastan
  • Green waste Reprocessor (GWR)
  • Eliminating blood honey supporting tiger conservation in the sundarbans
  • Green Heroes –Mr and Mrs Bhide
  • Solution to pollution? – Reactions or Real actions?

Open Source for You

November 2017

  • Digitalocean is built on a foundation of open source
  • The acceptance of open source among Indian enterprises has been remarkable

Technology Review

Nov- Dec 2017

  • The artificial intelligence issue
  • Is AI riding a one –track pony?
  • Constant monitoring + AI = Rx  for personal health
  • China’s AI Awakening

Water and Energy International

October 2017

  • Special focus on Earthing Systems
  • Effective earthing to ensuring safety and reliability
  • Grounding system of high voltage substation – need, factors influencing design & practices of utilities
  • Recommended practice to mitigate negative interaction between grounding and cathodic protection
  • Eathing studies with multilayer soil model
  • Consideration of fault current projection on account of future growth for earthing design – sharing an experience
  • Hydropower – a flexible solution for integration of 175 GW RE and providing grid stabilization and ancillary services
  • Evaluation of the effect of decentralizing two urban catchments in Bogota, Colombia
  • Performance analysis of pumped storage hydro power stations in the environment of cavitations
  • Instrumentation for underground excavations – the future

Geography and You

Sep- Oct 2017

  • Skill India: imperatives for economic Growth
  • Servicing skill development: employers need to do more
  • Employability and higher education
  • Gender: skill and employability in India
  • Soft skill imperatives
  • Solar mission reviewing the targets
  • Renewable energy and sustainable buildings
  • Solar rooftop installations: not quite off the ground

Skill Power – Skilling India

October 2017

  • Challenges in creating employable skilled manpower
  • Asset protection and optimal performance by automation
  • Role of laboratory accreditation body for sector skill development
  • Skill challenges & opportunities in implementation of instrumentation, automation & surveillance in oil, gas & fertilizer sector
  • Emission and environmental monitoring
  • Industry partnership models under skill India

Asian journal of water, Environment and pollution

October 2017

  • Chemical composition of different brands of bottled drinking water sold in Oman as labeled by manufactures
  • Assessment of heavy metal contamination in groundwater of Khetri copper mine region, India and health risk assessment
  • Adaptation strategies undertaken by the community to reduce impacts of shrimp cultivation on agriculture: a study at Parulia union, satkhira
  • Recycling of Waste and Used Papers: A     Useful Contribution in Conservation of    Environment: A Case Study
  • Investigations of Mineralization of Water Bodies on the Example of River Waters of Ukraine
  • Impact of Farmer Perceptions and Land Use Pattern on Pesticide Loading into Upper Kotmale Sub-watershed of Mahaweli River Basin in Sri Lanka
  • Utility of Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Identify Factors Contributing Groundwater Quality in High Altitude Region of Leh-Ladakh, India
  • Assessment of Metallic Pollution along with Geochemical Baseline of Soils at Barapukuria Open Coal Mine Area in Dinajpur, Bangladesh
  • Biogas Production from Blends of Cassava Waste Water and Cow Dung under Changing Meteorological Parameters
  • Corruption Eradication within the Protection of the Environment in Indonesia
  • Forecasting of PM10 Using Autoregressive Models and Exponential Smoothing Technique

Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India) Series C

October 2017

  • An approach to maximize penetration during TIG welding of P91 steel plates by utilizing image processing and Taguchi orthogonal array
  • Comprehensive analysis of convective heat transfer in parallel plate microchannel with viscous dissipation and constant heat flux boundary conditions
  • Modeling the peak elongation of nylon and fe powder based composite wire for FDM feedstock  filament
  • Numerical simulation of hydrogen air super sonic coaxial jet
  • Structure modify of high pressure chamber in pressure retraining sampler for deep-sea sediment

Down to earth

1-15 Nov’17

  • Punjab’s contrarian approach
  • Rosewood fades in India
  • Under salt waters
  • Iindira Gandhi India’s  first green politician? A look at her record on her birth centenary
  • On thin ice
  • Will behavioural economics change state policy?
  • Powerful weed
  • Titans of trash
  • Women key to climate resilience

View Point  (CEAI)

September 2017

  • Engineering education in India- A perspective
  • Quality enhancement in engineering institution through outcome based approach
  • Bridging the skill & competency gaps between industry 4.0 requirements and current engineering education in India
  • Challenges facing engineering education in India
  • Engineering education in private institutions in India – Boon, Bane or Mixed bag?
  • Role of Civil Engineering for Infrastructural development in various sectors
  • Sharpening and scaling the industry readiness through remote internships
  • Institutional commitments towards sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Quality of Engineering education: parameters to be considered
  • How consulting engineers can contribute to engineering education  

The Masterbuilder

October 2017

  • Structural engineering applications in earthquake – resilient building construction part –I
  • Need of green construction techniques for climate resilient affordable housing
  • Energy conservation building code: the need of the hour
  • Are green projects really Expensive?
  • The customized equipment aid for production of 3S prefab elements for executing mass housing projects
  • An analysis of formatic modulation and demand of high rise structures
  • Advanced structural framing system for high-rise buildings
  • High rise construction challenges
  • Analysis of technique, applications and market potential of mechanical coupler system
  • Framework system for varied structural design and geometric requirements
  • Essential of high performance surface coating for concrete
  • Construction of container storage yard with Strata Web Geocells at Kolkata Port
  • Need of customized solutions for thee developing world
  • Rainwater harvesting : is the natural process the antidote to water storage?


November 2017

  • Especially designed rope suspended platform for dam & silo projects
  • SoilTech Mk.III – 3rd Generation nano-polymer stabilization
  • New age technologies for Construction industry
  • Behavior of reduced beam section moment connection with varying thickness of continuity plate
  • Characteristics study of stabilized and compressed laterite soil bricks
  • Effects of blast loading on engineering structures – an overview
  • Fire resistance of steel structures

Journal of The institution of Engineers (India): Series D

Jan-Jun 2017

  • An efficient approach towards the photodegradation of indigo caramine by introducing ZnO/ CuO/ Si ternary nanocomposite as photocatalyst
  • Development of methodology to assess the failure behavior of bamboo single fiber by acoustic emission technique
  • Effect of copper / graphite addition on electrical conductivity and thermal insulation of unsaturated polyester/ jute composites
  • Effect of experimental variables of abrasive wear on 3D surface roughness and wear rate of AI-4.5% Cu alloy
  • Evaluation of mechanical properties of plywood treated with a new wood preservative (CEB) chemical
  • Extraction of Li and Co from Li ON batteries by chemical methods
  • Fire risk assessment of some Indian Coals using radial basis function (RBF) Technique
  • In search of the attributes responsible for sliver formation in cold rolled steel sheets
  • Investigation on dry sliding wear behavior of nylon66/GnP nano – composite
  • Investigation on thermal conductivities of jute and banana fiber reinforced epcxy composites
  • Merits and demerits of transparent conducting magnetron sputtered ZnO: AI, ITO and SnO2 :F thin films for solar cell applications
  • Micro structural, optical and magnetic properties of Co-SiO2 nanaocomposite synthesized by sol-gel technique
  • Mines systems safety improvement using an integrated event tree and fault        analysis
  • Novel methods for separation of gangue from limestone and coal using multispectral and joint color – texture features
  • Optimization of mineral separator for recovery of total heavy minerals of bay of Bengal using central composite design
  • Stratification studies with sub grade iron ore fom deposit No. 10 and 11A, Bacheli complex, Bailadila, chattisgath, India
  • Study on type C coal fly ash as an additive to modeling, sand for steel casting
  • An overview of manganese recovery by hydro and pyro –metallurgical routes




 13th Nov’ 2017

Name of the Journal Contents

Water Digest

Swachh Jal Swachh Bharat

Effective Water Management and conservation-conversation by Dr. Amita Prasad

Progress in the Water Sector – Conversation by Mr. Narender Kumar

Good Governance and its role – conversation by Mr. S. Masood Husain

Wastewater treatment – in conversation by Dr. Vinod Tare

A Roadmap for efficient water use in India – in conversation by Mr. Anshuman

An ecological perspective on the water sector – in conversation by Mr. Suresh Babu

Sawchh Jal – in conversation by Mr. Rajesh Sharma

Swatchh Jal is key to ensuring the population – in conversation by Mr. Rajiv Mittal

Swachh Jal is the progress of the nation – in conversation by Mr. Ranganath N. Krishna

Vision for the water sector and Swachh Jal

The water sector need to gear up to meet the challenges – in conversation by Mr. B.M. Balakrishna

Foreign consumers demanding more and better water products from India – in conversation by Mr. B.B. Singh

A Glimpse of the future of water – in conversation by Mr. Lovish Ahuja