The Logic of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Containerization All about Containerization and Container Terminals 10-14 Dec 18



Logistics and Supply Chain Management are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two aspects of the process. Supply Chain refers to the networks of organizations that work together and coordinate their actions through upstream and downstream linkages, in the different processes and activities, to produce value in the form of delivery of a product and service in the hands of ultimate consumer in the market. Logistics, in simple terms, is about getting the Right product, to the Right customer, in the Right quantity, in the Right condition, at the Right place, at the Right time, and at the Right cost (the 7 Rs). Today's leading companies are re-examining their logistics and supply chain operations, and implementing new strategies and technologies, to improve performance and enhance efficiencies

Moving cargo in containers, or containerization, is one area of opportunity shippers can leverage, not only in downstream transportation and logistics functions, but also in unexpected upstream supply chain planning functions. In its simplest application, containerization allows shippers to maximize cargo loading efficiency by optimally building out a space while respecting constraints such as orientation, crush factors, and stacking rules. Containerization is especially useful for companies that move products in varying weight categories. Heavy and light freight can be shipped together to utilize all available container capacity, resulting in increased resource utilization, and fewer containers required to move the same volume of goods. In addition to configuring loads, shippers can leverage containerization in other applications, working alone or in cooperation with other optimization capabilities to solve problems. Containerization is in the central part of the total multimodal transport concept, since the container system is easily adaptable to multi-modal transport operations in international commerce. It facilitates quicker transfer of   cargo from one transport mode to another mode by coordinating and bridging across modes of transport. In the process, it integrates and standardizes the whole exercise of freight movement. Containerization has thus not only reduced the different modes of transport to a common denominator but has also brought about revolutionary charges in the concept of general cargo handling and related shipping and port activities. This system has assumed now greater importance in the present era, where Govt of India is going in big way to enhance transportation and road network across the country. This ecosystem can also help in logistics management for Land Locked States of Northern India and also neighboring countries like Bhutan and Nepal apart from the Coastal Indian States from where substantial international trade is carried out in containers.

In this course, the participant shall learn about the logic of logistics and Supply Chain Management with deep insight into the concept of Containerization, Container Terminals and Dry Ports and the critical skills needed to be successful in these exciting fields. We'll explore topics such as concept of Containerization as an element of SCM, how Container Terminals work, Multimodal, Intermodal and Uni-modal modes of Transportation, Regulatory Framework of Dry Ports and Container Terminals, CFS, ICD, CCSP, MMLP, ICP, Concepts like 1 PL, 2 PL, 3 PL, 4 PL and 5 PL, Container and Bulk Shipping and much more.

This course will not only show how to create and operate the Containerization as a function of logistics and the emerging trends, but it will also show how to achieve success through a combination of strategies and tactics.

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