Quality & Productivity


25-02-2020 9:00 am - 27-02-2020 5:00 pm


Competitiveness in the market is crucial for a business enterprise whether big or small. To build and maintain a competitive edge is of utmost importance to Organizations. One of the ways of achieving all the above is through TPM. TPM is a zero-sum game where breakdowns, accidents, and defects become zero and costs are fully optimized. TPM stands for total productive maintenance, in short means productive maintenance in which all members participate. In TPM, small groups at different layers spontaneously define their goals — zero defects or zero failures, for instance. They solve problems through total participation to achieve the goals. All members share a sense of achievement and success, thus their desire for growth is fulfilled. TPM activities aim to ultimately minimize the losses of equipment throughout its lifespan, and promote building a working mechanism that maintains good conditions.

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