Technology and Automation Division


06-08-2018 9:00 am - 09-08-2018 5:00 pm


Current trends in the industry are to gain more output with higher productivity and with consistently higher quality by expending less efforts. This entails continual innovation, mechanization and automation in tune with the available contemporary technologies and data. With the exponential explosion of the frontiers of scientific knowledge and commensurate technologies and with innovative products available in the markets, it has become imperative to keep aware of these, if one in the technical field wants to be in the reckoning.

Right from the beginnings of Industrial Revolution the countries, wherein the professional efforts were well documented and coordinated, have accelerated to become “developed” in very short periods of time. Undoubtedly, mechanization/automation had been one of the main contributors to this development. In sharp contrast, in our country, the original technology development efforts have been only sporadic, isolated and mostly un-coordinated. As a result, we look forward always, almost inevitably, to products and equipment of the developed countries for our consumption in all high tech fields.

The technologies have grown so much that even for proper usage and application of these products, one needs to have basic technological awareness.


The present 4-day course is a quick generic awareness program designed to meet the practical need of industries looking for implementing and reaping the benefits of automation.


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