Technology and Automation Division


10-12-2018 9:00 am - 13-12-2018 5:00 pm


Modern technology is unfolding by leaps and bounds – new innovations which make life more sophisticated both at the workplace and at home are compelling individuals to get continually updated. The subject of “Automation and Robotics” is a vital component of this modern technology. While automation in the fields of power generation, process industries, medical, mass manufacturing, utilities, services sector, etc is improving efficiency the same in nuclear and such other hazardous fields is inescapable. A knowledge of the basics of automation and robotics together with the current trends is essential for identifying ripe areas in respective industries and implementing in a well-concerted manner. This programme takes the participants through an overview of the evolution of automation, technological breakthroughs, control systems, live demonstration, case studies etc.

Rs.23,600.00 50