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02-11-2020 - 07-09-2020


A reliable supply of clean and safe water is the first and most critical service that people require. The purpose of a water distribution system is to provide an adequate and reliable supply of safe water to its users. Today, a water supply system consists of infrastructure that collects, treats, stores, and distributes water between water sources and consumers. Operation and maintenance are those activities needed to continuously fulfill this purpose. The difference between operation and maintenance is that operation involves activities necessary to deliver the service, while maintenance involves activities that keep the system in good operating condition. Operation includes monitoring the system state, running the system, and enforcing policies and procedures. Maintenance entails condition assessment, servicing, repair, and replacement of system components. As water demands pressures raise increasingly on the existing water supply system, many studies attempted to develop a general water supply system to assist decision-makers to design more reliable systems for a long-range operation period. These attempts also include the optimization of total system construction and operation cost. Under given situations such as pipeline maintenance, non-revenue water, advanced metering infrastructure, the ultimate goal is to ensure water distribution system challenges are overcome and supply water sources to users reliably in a more sustainable and timely manner as a longterm plan. The Operation and Maintenance Network aims to contribute to the sustainability of water and wastewater services, and through that public health, by improvements to operation and maintenance in water and wastewater services in developing countries. The Network facilitates the exchange of experiences, knowledge and information on O&M of water supply and wastewater systems by bringing together service providers, external support agencies and other stakeholders.

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